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Brown Audio Solution and Services utilizes the latest equipment and techniques to efficiently capture your sound and message. Whether you are recording for Broadcast, Pod Cast, Distributed Media (CD, DVD or Tape), or just for archival purposes, our mission is to deliver the highest quality recording. The BASS professionals are certified in digital platforms and are seasoned broadcast veterans with extensive years of experience. We provide remote recording at a location of your choice and also offer in-house production at one of our two partner studios locations.

  • BASS San Francisco CA, location features two (2) isolation booths and a magnificent 20' x 25' live room with a 13' ceiling. The air control room, hardwood floors, and comfortably fits up to 6 people. The centerpiece is a Sony DMX 1000 mix console fully patched to Digidesign ProTools. This is the perfect solution for recording bands or large groups.

Gear List

  1. Vintech Audio X73 preamp (2)
  2. Amek 9098
  3. Aurora Audio GTQ 2
  4. TL Audio C2
  5. Great River Electronics MP-4M
  6. Benchmark MPS 400
  7. Drawmer 1969
  8. Orban 674A
  9. Urei 535
  10. Purple Audio MC76
  11. Inovonics 220
  1. Fatso jr.
  2. Distressor
  3. RN Chevy II
  4. Smart Research C2
  5. DBX 120 XP
  6. Kurzweil KSP8
  7. Lexicon PCM80
  8. Roland SRV 2000
  9. Roland SRV 330
  10. Furman Sound RV1
  11. Delta Lab Effectron
  • Our Richmond, CA location features a large sound-isolated room suitable for up to 6 people and the sound engineer. This location is ideal for individual tracking, pre-recording content for broadcast, and roundtable style recording. This room is Digidesigne Pro Tools 8.3 Equiped