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Post Production

Post production is an important aspect of any audio project.  Whether your project is television, movies, or commercial advertisements, Brown Audio Services and Solutions can ensure your project has the right audio.  
BASS utilizes tools such as alternate takes, audio restoration, and nonlinear editing to replace those misplaced audio tones with professional quality sounds and notes. We specialize in adding dynamic music mixes to your video without obscuring what you have to say. We breathe life into your audio, so that your project can have the highest professional sound.

Our audio post production services include:

  • Voice-over
  • Audio imaging
  • Syncing audio to video
  • Replacing audio in video
  • Restoring audio for insertion into video
  • Adding atmospheric sound to your audio to match reference audio
  • Sound design for background audio
  • Music mixes (great for video and photo montages)
  • Radio show post-production
  • Commercial post-production
  • Special audio effects insertion
  • Audio clip montages