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Clifford Brown III

Clifford Brown III has spent his life worshipping and appreciating the music gods. Carrying on the legacy of his grandfather, jazz trumpeter extraordinaire Clifford Brown Sr., this California bred musician has recognized, acknowledged and demonstrated his role in the global neo-jazz movement. Never bound by the east coast, west coast definitions of horn sounds that have limited previous generations, Clifford has found his unique niche in the movement, allowing him to transcend traditional jazz- bebop values and explore new universes of audio amalgamation.

He has been influenced by the generations of trumpet lions like Fats Navaro, Clifford Brown Sr., Freddie Hubbard, Donald Byrd, Roy Eldridge, Roy Hargrove and Ingrid Jensen. Clifford is poised to carry on the traditions of this lineage and the progression of musical identity by working closely with key talent, both foreign and domestic. Clifford is a Waves Labs certified mix engineer, professionally trained Propellerhead Reason Producer, DigiDesign ProTools | HD Certified Operator in both music and post production disciplines, an award winning musician, and host of the Jazz radio show "What I Like!". To contact Clifford Brown III please e-mail him at:


Rlease Date Title Artist Link Credits
8/1/2013 Love-War (Album) Robin Yukiko Trumpet, Engineer
4/25/2013 Revolution Cafe Concourse In Atmosphere Trumpet, Engineer
1/1/2013 Say Something (Album) Uncle Los Music Trumpet, Engineer
11/1/2012 Drunken Monk Jim Gray Trumpet, Engineer
4/22/2011 Released (Album) The Brewing Co. Trumpet, Engineer
12/20/2010 Checheho (Album) Aster Awake Trumpet, Engineer
11/9/2010 Grey Crow (Album) Eligh Trumpet
10/22/2010 The Goo (Single) The Brewing Co. Trumpet, Engineer
7/5/2010 We All Want To Fly (Album) Inspired Flight Trumpet
1/1/2009 The DJ Stayed Home Beautiful Small Machines (Bree Sharp) Trumpet
Clifford Brown III

Clifford Brown Jr.

Clifford Brown, Jr. was born in Philadelphia, Pa. and raised in Los Angeles. His father was the legendary, internationally-acclaimed jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown. After his father's death, his mother, La Rue Brown, continued to support the jazz community. She raised Clifford to love and appreciate Jazz music.

Clifford Brown Jr. began his illustrious career at the age of 18, when he got his first professional job.  Before turning 30, he was awarded the prestigious Golden Mic for being the San Francisco Bay Area's top radio personality. Brown has also been recognized for his programming acumen, having received the AMPEX AWARD OF EXCELLENCE as the nation's top jazz Program Director, and in 1996 he received the Beverly Anne Johnson Media Award for his many years of being a "positive Black male role model." Since 1979 Clifford Brown, Jr. has been one of the most popular radio personalities in the San Francisco Bay Area and has made the Brown name synonymous with broadcasting in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Prior positions held include award winning Radio Personality, award winning Program Director, Broadcast Operations Manager, National Programming Consultant, Director On Air Operations, Production Director and Broadcasting Arts Educator.

As an educator, Clifford Brown Jr. has served on the teaching and lecturing staff of every major broadcasting school and university in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has also conducted workshops and served on panels for numerous industry entities. Clifford Brown Jr. graduated from the California State University at Hayward.  

Today, Brown spends his time working with his son on their business Brown Radio and Audio Solutions, working with different charities, and spending time with his family. He currently also serves as program director / operations manager of KDYA in San Francisco. To contact Clifford Brown Jr., please e-mail him at: